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Hotel Information

Parents are responsible for all hotel and travel fees for their daughters.  When available, we will secure blocks of rooms for our families through the tournament organizers.  We will post all information regarding hotels to the website as soon as it becomes available.  Whenever possible, we try to allow for parents to get their own rooms based on their own budgets.  However,  "stay to play" policies are becoming increasing more prevalent and in some cases, mandatory to the point where we have been threatened to be thrown out of a tournament for not abiding.  In these cases, we ask that you comply with the rules the tournament sets upon the club so we don't risk losing that tournament for the club.  Please use hotels we are assigned, through the tournament when we are required to.  To do otherwise would jeopardize our standing with a tournament.

It is very challenging for us to manage hotel blocks for coaches and players for multiple teams every summer.  It would be much less work and cost for us to tell our parents to go out on their own and get their rooms.  But we can't.  In the past, we have put our club's status at a major tournament in limbo because so many parents booked outside of that tournament which had a stay to play policy.  We will not put risk putting the club in that position again. 

We want all of our Devils families to have the most positive summer lacrosse experience possible so please:

#1 - Become familiar with each tournament via their website before you do any scheduling, make reservations, etc.
#2 - When in doubt, EMAIL JANAE or DEANNA with your questions or concerns.  We are here to help!   

Attention All 2020 Players and 2021 Players,

Room Block Information:

South Jersey Devils

Booking link:

Hotel: Delta Hotels Richmond Downtown (2020s) and Richmond Marriott Downtown (2021s)

Arrival and Departure Dates: 7/19/18-7/22/18

In an effort to make sure that as many teams as possible receive the hotel of their choice, there are some very important reduction and expiration dates listed below. Please pay close attention to these dates as the reservation system will automatically make deductions based on the pick-up parameters listed below.

Expiration Date: The block will expire on January 12, 2018 at 12:00 am EST.  On this date, any unused rooms will be placed back into general inventory or assigned to teams on a  waitlist for that particular hotel.

In an effort to provide the best available options to ALL attendees and to ultimately secure as many people in the hotel of their choice, a $40.00 non-refundable cancellation fee will be charged to the credit card on file for all reservations made that are cancelled after 
May 30, 2018.  Please note that this fee is separate from and in addition to any cancellation charges that you may incur from the hotel (please refer to your specific hotel's cancellation policy for details).  This charge is applicable only to full cancellations.  Team Travel Source appreciates your understanding as we work to accommodate as many people as possible in the hotel of their choice!  

Booking Instructions:

  1. Click on your team's unique booking link.
  2. Choose your check in and check out date.
  3. Select the room type that you wish to book.
  4. Complete the personal contact information and payment information. A credit card is required to make a reservation. However, no payment is due when the reservation is made. You will pay for your room upon arrival at the hotel. Please make sure to refer to your specific hotel's cancellation policy for those details as well.
  5. You will receive a confirmation email immediately following completion of the reservation with an Acknowledgement Number.
  6. You may make changes & cancellations within this same link using your Passkey Acknowledgement Number.

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